Photowalk 2013 – Sint-Truiden – Belgium

Hello Bloggers,

Yesterday I attended the 6th WorldWide Photowalk, an initiative of Scott Kelby. Worldwide there where 1238 photowalks – with 28593 registered photo walkers. Also in our town Sint-Truiden we organized a photowalk with our photo club focus8 – with round about 20 walkers.

Our walk started at the “begijnhof” – where we visited the Festraets’ astronomical clock;

From here we wandered over the antique & flea market to the next stop – the city’s old archive.

Next stop from here was the abbey tower; you need to do 196 steps to reach the top and have a beautiful view over the city.

After visiting the tower we went under the ground to the Crypt.

The last stop on our walk was the Franciscan friars site. We also had the opportunity to visit the site inside – here we were welcomed by Gardiaan Cuypers Frans.

We finished our walk round about 12am @ the marktcafé where we had our drink & lunch. Here a some pictures of attendees. Thank you all, especially Peter & Frank, for the organization and interesting walk !

So let us all heading for next year !

Best regards



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  1. #1 door Debby Degraef op oktober 6, 2013 - 8:20 pm

    mooie foto’s en een leuke reportage van de photowalk patrick 😉

  1. Verslag World Wide Photowalk in Sint-Truiden, zaterdag 5 oktober… | Focus 8

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