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Huwelijks fotografie compilatie

Hierbij een beperkte compilatie van ons 1ste jaar huwelijksfotografie; een voor een
uitdagingen; heb je ook interesse in ons werk, bezoek dan even onze website

video huwelijksfotografie vimeo

A short video regarding our 1st year wedding photography; they where one by one challenges
but exiting to do ! Interested in our work, visit our website :

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summer holiday 2013

This year we went back to Turkey; we spent 10 lovely days at Side Mare Hotel in Kumköy about 6 km away from ancient city Side. Here I will show you some pictures of the old Side buildings still left.

_PAT4876 Side Ancient city _PAT4896 _PAT4894 _PAT4878 Side entrance

Side amfi theather
Local woman making carpet by hand
Carpet by hand

Together with one of my sons we also booked a safari trip by jeep.
We visited an old ancient city in the mountains called Lyrbe (300BC) & we visited manavgat


_PAT5084 _PAT5089 _PAT5091



Manavgat waterfalls

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