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Photography Class – update

Hello Everybody,

It’s almost 5 months in the meantime – and holidays started today; It was
busy over the last months. I finished second year of my 3 year photography
training at Syntra Hasselt. It was a fun year – we have a great group – Tonight
it is reunion with BBQ ! – the weather is bad – but we will make the sun shine 🙂

In this post I’ll show you some of the work I made during the class – please leave
your comment and if you suggestions/feedback – please do not hesitate – I still
like to learn and improve myself.

In the meantime I also did my first marriage shoot together with my friend
and companion Greet – I have respect for those who have this as a living – It is
HARD work – I will post later about my first experience.

I also started my small business in photography – so if you like my work –
see our website – please contact us.

I wish everybody nice holidays – and here/see you soon


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