Christina the Astonishing – Christina de Wonderbare

Hello everybody,

what else can you do when it is cold and raining outside; well maybe writing a short blog of my last photo shoot I did together with my friend Greet; Thx Greet for the lovely model – I enjoyed really the time we spent together – especially the couple of beers we had afterwards.

The theme of the shoot was Chistina the Astonishing;  the story of a penitent nun from the 12th century who died, went to the other side and came back with stories of the torments of hell…she would mortify herself in horrible ways, and would show no scars…she was said to be able to levitate to get away from the smell of the sinful…and would hide in odd places to avoid them.

Christina is the Patron Saint of millers, insanity and psychiatrists.

We tried to bring this person in the current era; the photoshoot was done in the lovely atmosphere of the beguinage church of Sint-truiden. For most of the photo’s we used the natural sunlight that was shining through the windows into the church.

For this photo we used the window light at the left side of the model. Please click on the photo for a sharper image.

Please enjoy the short presentation of this shoot – if you want some music at the background please listen to the Nick Cave song of Christina the Astonishing from the Album Henry’s Dream.Christina the Astonishing by Nick Cave

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