Gin Tonic – product shoot

Hello everybody,

last week – I started my second year photography at Syntra Hasselt. This year focus will be on product, portrait,
architectural & interior, social and company/business photography. The first task was to take a product photo
of a gin bottel, glas and for example tonic. For this shoot we used a softbox at the back  and a softbox at the
left side of the camera.  The softbox at the leftside was held left high above the camera – to avoid a lot of
reflection on the GORDON lable. This photo is just a single picture – no different shoots like you mostly see in
product photography.

Shoot was done on f16 – to have enough DOF – 1/250 sec and ISO 200; small corrections where made in CS5 photoshop.

The final result is :

And of course at the end of the shoot – we had a good gin tonic as closure of the day.

We had an interesting evening and I am looking forward to some more product shots. I will post through the
year some more samples that we have done during the course.

see you 🙂


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