Djerba – summer holiday 2011

Hello everybody,

This year we spent our summer holiday in Djerba – Tunisia; It was already third time we  did Tunisia – but
first time on the small island Djerba. We stayed in the **** hotel Laico Djerba, about 6 km from Midoun
city and about 25 km from Houmt Souk.

(reflections in swimming pool)

During our 10 days stay – I did an organized 4×4 trip where we visited the following (to have a better view
– please click on each image for more details) :

The first stop – where all the 4×4’s came together was a salt lake :

(Pano Salt Lake) 

The salt here produced is only used for industrial production; no consumer salt. After a short explanation
– the trip headed direction of Chahbania – desert dunes. It is amazing how fine grained this sand is.

(Chahbania – desert dunes)

From these dunes – we headed direction of Tataouine – where we had a short stop before we went to
Chenini. This place built on the side wall of an hill – is a former ancient Berber village (Ksar village : Ksar
in Arabic means “castle”, “strengthened village”); at the  top nobody is  living – only at valley below. According to the local guide – this place is protected by Unesco.

(Pano Chenini)

On the top – there is also a small mosque; and from the other side (behind the mosque) – you have this
pano view (click on the image to see more details).

(Pano view from top hill Chenini) 

After a short lunch break – where we had couscous (is a berber dish of semolina traditionally served with meat or vegetable) – we visited the Ghorfas of Ksar El Ferch; The ghorfa is an area where the nomades
stored cereals, olives, … and other items; theser ghorfas where fortified and protected against thieves.

(Pano Ksar El Ferch) 

After a short break here – we went to our final destination – Ksar El Hedada

(Ksar El Hedada)

The same principal as shown in Ksar El Ferch; The ksar was prominently featured in The Phanthom Menace, including the scene where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi discuss the upcoming pod-race. The Ksar Hadada also doubled as the rear of the slave quarters, and features in the scenes where Anakin’s mother hints about a virgin birth and when Anakin works on his pod-racer. The ksar is uniquely built, and in some places still bears signs of the Star Wars shoots.

So – after a hot day and round about 8 hour trip – they dropped me off at the hotel – where I searched
immediately the swimming pool 🙂

We had with the family a very nice holiday and I hope everybody did have the same during their holidays !

write you soon !

Patrick 😉

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