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Djerba – summer holiday 2011

Hello everybody,

This year we spent our summer holiday in Djerba – Tunisia; It was already third time we  did Tunisia – but
first time on the small island Djerba. We stayed in the **** hotel Laico Djerba, about 6 km from Midoun
city and about 25 km from Houmt Souk.

(reflections in swimming pool)

During our 10 days stay – I did an organized 4×4 trip where we visited the following (to have a better view
– please click on each image for more details) :

The first stop – where all the 4×4’s came together was a salt lake :

(Pano Salt Lake) 

The salt here produced is only used for industrial production; no consumer salt. After a short explanation
– the trip headed direction of Chahbania – desert dunes. It is amazing how fine grained this sand is.

(Chahbania – desert dunes)

From these dunes – we headed direction of Tataouine – where we had a short stop before we went to
Chenini. This place built on the side wall of an hill – is a former ancient Berber village (Ksar village : Ksar
in Arabic means “castle”, “strengthened village”); at the  top nobody is  living – only at valley below. According to the local guide – this place is protected by Unesco.

(Pano Chenini)

On the top – there is also a small mosque; and from the other side (behind the mosque) – you have this
pano view (click on the image to see more details).

(Pano view from top hill Chenini) 

After a short lunch break – where we had couscous (is a berber dish of semolina traditionally served with meat or vegetable) – we visited the Ghorfas of Ksar El Ferch; The ghorfa is an area where the nomades
stored cereals, olives, … and other items; theser ghorfas where fortified and protected against thieves.

(Pano Ksar El Ferch) 

After a short break here – we went to our final destination – Ksar El Hedada

(Ksar El Hedada)

The same principal as shown in Ksar El Ferch; The ksar was prominently featured in The Phanthom Menace, including the scene where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi discuss the upcoming pod-race. The Ksar Hadada also doubled as the rear of the slave quarters, and features in the scenes where Anakin’s mother hints about a virgin birth and when Anakin works on his pod-racer. The ksar is uniquely built, and in some places still bears signs of the Star Wars shoots.

So – after a hot day and round about 8 hour trip – they dropped me off at the hotel – where I searched
immediately the swimming pool 🙂

We had with the family a very nice holiday and I hope everybody did have the same during their holidays !

write you soon !

Patrick 😉

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The Photo Argus

Hello Everybody,

Just returned from holidays – so will post some photo’s of our family trip to Djerba soon. But
today I did discover that one of my photo’s was posted on The Photo Argus website. Title of
the post : 40 Awesome Examples of Action Photography.

A great feeling seeing your photo popping up  in a collection;

till soon 😉


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Kapitein Zeppos

Hoi vrienden,

Gisteren zijn we op bezoek geweest bij vakantievrienden van afgelopen jaar in Bodrum. Omstreeks 14u werden
we hartelijk ontvangen in Kester, een klein rustig dorpje in het  pajottenland.

Na een glaasje champagne en een stukje taart hadden Karin, Oma & Charleen een leuke verrassing voor ons nl
een tochtje door het Pajottenland met de huifkar.

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