Lightroom Before & After

hello everybody,

today I reviewed some older pictures I made – and I found an interesting photo but technical wise
not that best shot – It was also a photo I did take almost 1 year ago, and I believe one
of those test shots I made with flash – so my first flash experience.

With the help of Lightroom 3 – I tried to improve the photo and I will show a before & after.

So here is the photo before – the intention was to have a splash after pooring some wine in
a wine glass.  As you can see – to dark and also the splashes/drops in the glass does give a messy look.

So in LR3 I did the following :

  •  Crop image to have the glass start properly from the corner-
  •  some fill light : 24%
  •  increased light with 1 stop
  •  increased clarity and constrast and some vibrance
  •  the black spots I removed with the Brush
    • set clarity and saturation and sharpening to zero
    • and use the brush several times so all spots are removed
  • for some I used the spot removing tool

and here is the result :

So as you can see – with some imagination and with the help of LR you can rework
your NOT that GOOD shot to give a better look. Of course the goal should be to make
the shot first time right – but in some cases you can upgrade your hard work to give
a better picture.

So don’t be afraid to use the tools available and for all my photo’s I use LR for post
processing and some NIK tools.

till soon,

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