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Lightroom Before & After

hello everybody,

today I reviewed some older pictures I made – and I found an interesting photo but technical wise
not that best shot – It was also a photo I did take almost 1 year ago, and I believe one
of those test shots I made with flash – so my first flash experience.

With the help of Lightroom 3 – I tried to improve the photo and I will show a before & after.

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Glass Photography

Hi everybody,

for my photography course we had a task to take a picture of glass using a white background
and a black background. On a white background the idea is to create black/dark contours of the glass
and on a black background the final goal should be white/bright contours of the glass.

For getting this effect I used a construction light – 500 Watts and a white curtain in front of this
light. The subject was put around 3 meters in front of the curtain on a glass support to get some
reflection. The idea is to move the glass forward/backward till the expected effect is reached.

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