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“Hoge Venen” – Natural Park – Belgium

Yesterday we made a trip to the “Hoge Venen” (Fr : Hautes Fagnes; Eng : High Fens; Germ : Hohes Venn)
a natural park – between the Ardennes and the Eifel.

I was together with Johan and Peter and our trip started at 8 am from my home; in total we did drive
1u20 minutes to Baraque Michel. There was still round about 70 cm of snow, trees with frozen snow,

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Welcome to my Blog

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to my Blog – today is December 31st – 2010 – we are heading for a new year.
Today my blog is born – and the focus in this blog will be my passion : PHOTOGRAPHY

So lets first introduce myself : My name is PATRICK – born in 1968 and married. We have Twin sons – Axel and Andries. We live in a small town in Belgium.

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